Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Next Downsizing Champ - Local Townhomes For Sale!

For the moment, busy local family leaders (we used to call them ‘parents’) don’t even have time to think about downsizing.

They are too busy being chauffeurs, homework enforcers, line cooks, weekend trip organizers, gardeners, housekeepers, and – oh, that’s right – breadwinners.

But ‘way out there in the future there really does come a time when the children will have left home. It may take a few months after that happens for the dust to settle, but when empty nesters finally look up, many find that the very same somewhat-cramped household that seemed barely able to accommodate the family now looks…sort of large. Large and a bit empty. An empty, echoing, dust-gathering, property tax-attracting void. Except for holiday gatherings, it’s beginning to look like an expensive, maintenance dollar-sucking- well, you get the picture!

It can happen at any time, but usually it will follow a moment (perhaps after a heater breakdown in one of the now-unoccupied kids’ bedrooms) when the homeowner begins to feel strangely attracted to one of the area townhomes for sale.

 “Small is the new big,” is the way one California real estate agent in a luxury community put it.   Not only is a townhome more practical when it comes to upkeep and maintenance, but as the long-predicted demographic tsunami of Baby Boomers breaks hard onto the shores of retirement, viewing townhomes for sale is actually beginning to become quite fashionable. Imagine: leaving behind the hassle of large home repairs and large utility bills in favor of community-manicured walkways and (pat self on back) a smaller eco-footprint.

Many of the townhomes for sale in today’s market are in truth the size of a small house.  As such, townhomes can be a nice compromise between the big house you are selling and other options for downsizing like condos or apartments. On the plus side, a townhome is often more private than a condominium and can feature 1- or 2-car garages, private decks or even small patios or yards

Despite the financial and practical advantages, sometimes sentiment can prevent those family leaders from making the change. It is, after all is said and done, most important to call ‘home’ the place where you can find a peaceful and happy life. It’s a uniquely personal decision.

If you are considering downsizing and would like to learn more about townhomes for sale in town, call me today.  I can show you listings that fit your style and budget – ones that might just turn into the next important step in your life!

John Doan

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